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Black Magic Removal in Chandigarh

Black Magic Removal in Chandigarh Aghori Baba ji

As says Science, the world is all about energy. Some energy is positive while some is negative. Black magic is also one kind of negative energy. Whenever the word “Black Magic” comes to fore, there is a sort of fear and negativity in the minds of readers. We all must have heard about victims of Black Magic. The victims suffer endless pain and misfortunes due to the incidence of Black magic. (Mantra)It is important to have some kind of Black Magic removal in Chandigarh.

There are some people who do not believe in the presence of such negative energy like Black Magic. They also do not believe in Black Magic removal in Chandigarh techniques. But there are instances which are not natural. Paranormal explanations can explain such events. There is a reason why “magic” is in Quran many times. As we know the origin of Black magic and its practice dates back to times of prophet Sulaiman and prophet Musa. Hence scholars have converging views on the existence of Black Magic and Black Magic removal.

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It is very difficult to find the right person to identify and cure it. But no problem is without a solution. Islam has given many remedies for defeating any sort of Black Magic. The best Black Magic removal in Chandigarh tricks are in Quran. The Aayats and Wazifa’s of The holy Quran can cut the effect of Black Magic and can rescue the victim. When for a solution we go to pirs or saints, there is always a hidden fear. The fear is if the saint is true to his profession or is faking to cure the victim. Hence we must only rely on the Holy Quran and not on pirs or saints.

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The different ways mentioned in Quran for Black Magic removal are:

  1. If the Magic is done through a Taweez , then it must be torn into four equal parts. Then you have to read “ AllahuSamad” for a total of 101 times on the torn parts. It is very important that after reading the aayat, you throw the parts of torn taweez in flowing water. It is considered that flowing water is the purest form and it takes away all the evils. The examples of flowing water are river. This wazifa will ensure that the bad effects of Taweez are completely thrashed and destroyed. The Taweef will not be able to create any bad ripples on the victim after this.
  2. If you are not sure but just suspect that you may be under the influence of Black Magic then there is a way out. One must always without fail read the following Chapters:
  3. Chapter 82 of the Quran: Read eight times diligently to eradicate any negative spell on you.
  4. Chapter 99 of the Quran: Read eight times before going to bed.


The English Translation of the chapter 82 is as follows:

.In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

82:1 When the heaven is cleft asunder,

82:2 And when the stars become dispersed,

82:3 And when the rivers are made to flow forth,

82:4 And when the graves are laid open —

82:5 Every soul will know what it has sent before and what it has held back.

82:6 O man, what beguiles thee from thy Lord, the Gracious?

82:7 Who created thee, then made thee complete, then made thee in a right good state —

82:8 Into whatever form He pleases He casts thee.

82:9 Nay, but you give the lie to the Judgment,

82:10 And surely there are keepers over you,

82:11 Honourable recorders,

82:12 They know what you do.

82:13 Surely the righteous are in bliss,

82:14 And the wicked are truly in burning Fire —

82:15 They will enter it on the day of Judgment.

82:16 And will not be absent from it.

82:17 And what will make thee realize what the day of Judgment is?

82:18 Again, what will make thee realize what the day of Judgment is?

82:19 The day when no soul controls aught for another soul. And the command on that day is Allah’s.

You can read any of these chapters daily before going to bed and can dispel off fears of any negative energy.

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