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How to get Approval of Parents for Inter-Caste Love Marriage

inter caste love marriage

Love is a very beautiful feeling in the world it does not consider any boundaries it is boundless. It is a feeling to which we cannot describe in the words or we can say that it is an indescribable feeling to the world or anyone. Love does not consider and thinks about any caste, religion or about anything it can happen at any point in your life or anywhere. Love is a very strong feeling of affection, sentiments, and emotions towards the person whom you love the most in the world, it is a feeling that a person’s happiness and sadness is very important to you, you feel happy and joyful when you happy and in high spirit and you feel sad when you see them sad and in bad mood.

If two individuals are truly in love they want to getting married to their desired partner and with the person whom they love most in the world. They want to spend the rest of their life with their desired person with joy and happiness. But there are lots of problems occur in intercaste love marriage and ruin the entire relationship and create hurdle in a couple’s life.

Obstacles which creates hurdle in intercaste love marriage:

  • Disagreements of parents
  • Caste and religion issue
  • Society norms
  • Family dispute
  • And many more apart from mentioned.

There are lots of problems arising in the inter-caste marriage because of disagreement of a parent for it and which leads the frustration in the couple’s life. Almost parents think that love marriage is a bad thing and it leaves a bad reaction on culture and does not acceptable by society and culture and because of them, they go through with the arranged marriage as compared to love marriage.

Tips for to approval parents for the intercaste love marriage:

  • Make your parents know that you are in love with someone
  • Share your views with your parents regarding marriage
  • Tell them that you are responsible and mature now
  • Listen your parents prospective
  • Makes your parents see the best in your partner
  • Take the help of close friend and relatives
  • Do not take any rash decision
  • Try to get support at least one partner
  • Turn down any suggestion of meeting someone else
  • Make arrangement for the meeting of both the families
  • Keep fighting and do not give up.

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